Powerhouse PA Leeds

Up lighting is a simple and effective way of lifting the mood of an event space and can be used in quantity to provide stunning contemporary and colourful ambient lighting, in a way that adds interest to the space, and creates a wonderful effect.

By using creative LED Up lighting with computer controlled technology enables any shade of any colour you may desire. This can be used to colour your venue with light, creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day or event.

If you don’t want the up lighting on a static colour we can program the lights to slowly fade between the colours of your choice, or for the wow factor a stunning sound to light effect can be easily created around the venue.

With this new technology we can colour match the venue to your wedding day colour scheme you can also have the up lighting, lights on alternate colours if you have a two colour scheme.

We professionally deliver and install your requested venue lighting effects safely with professional LED up lights for your function suite.

All the lighting is tested and demonstrated to event management team prior to the beginning of the event, or of course we can supply an operator to control the equipment for complex events.

Powerhouse PA Leeds