Powerhouse PA Leeds

  • Sound Equipment

    Whether your having a house party or need backup for your bar or club you can rely on us to offer your DJ the tools he needs to keep the party rocking!

    Pioneer CDJ2000 & CDJ1000 Technics SL1210
    A&H Xone 62 & 92 Pioneer DJM600 & DJM800

    If your an solo artist or a full blown rock band we have the equipment necessary to do the job right

    Turbosound & QSC Speakers
    Logic & Mackie Speakers
    QSC & Crown Amplification
    dbx & Cloud System Protection
    Shure, Sennheiser & Trantec Mics
Powerhouse PA Leeds

  • Lighting

    From simple plug and play sound activated effects lights to complex DMX stage & venue wash, lasers computer controlled intelligent lighting fixtures with all the necessary stands and trussing. .

    Martin & Robe Moving Heads
    High Power LED stage wash
    LED Moonflowers
    LED Uplighting
    Traditional Par Cans
    UV Cannons
Powerhouse PA Leeds