Powerhouse PA Leeds - Special Effects

    Smoke & Haze Machines

    A reliable and highly efficient range of foggers capable of precise fog delivery from subtle to massive. Ideal for a variety of settings from small venues to huge stadiums and arenas From small budget smoke machines to pro haze machines are available to hire from our unit in Leeds West Yorkshire A selection of Smoke and Haze machine available to hire or buy;

    Martin Magnum 850 smoke machine

    Martin magnum ZR44 smoke machine

    Le Maitre Haze machine

    Jem K1 Hazer

    ROBE 500FT Hazer

    Dry Ice low fog effect machines Snow machine hire is also available


      CO2 Jets

      A new addition is CO2 Jets

      After an increasing demand for CO2 effects we have invested into this area. A stunning effect CO2 Jets shoot a long, thick white stream high into the air. They can be placed vertically, horizontally or at any angle.

      These are now the must-have in any rock gig, club, student nights and stage shows.

      Please call Leeds 0113 279 7359



    Le Maitre is our preferred supplier of pyros to add that special wow factor to your event from streamers to glitter bombs a large selection of cartridges can be used in your event please call our office in Leeds for more information about the stunning range of effects that can be created

    A full range of firing systems with a good selection of launching pods and hardware available

    Please call Leeds 0113 279 7359


      Confetti & Streamers

      A good selection of streamers and confetti are available at varying price levels, we have solutions from hand held to launchers via remote control

      A sample description of one of our machines is an easy-to-use electric confetti shooter. They are designed to fire prefilled single use electric cannons, which are available in 40cm and 80cm. Confetti or streamers in various colours, even UV and metallic colours are an option. The cannons contain a pressurized nitrogen cartridge which launches confetti up to 12 meters and streamers even 20 meters wide.

      Many more solutions are available to buy or hire just call for more information Leeds 0113 279 7359